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Kelly Branch Tract


Equity Industrial Partners (EIP) continues to showcase its prowess in industrial real estate investment and development with the Kelly Branch Tract in Summerville, SC. This case study highlights EIP's strategic foresight, commitment to innovation, and collaborative approach in creating exceptional industrial properties.

Strategic Vision and Land Acquisition

In June 2023, EIP acquired the Kelly Branch Tract, a sprawling 95-acre vacant parcel situated in Summerville, Berkeley County, South Carolina. Recognizing the property's strategic potential, EIP embarked on a visionary development journey to transform the vacant land into a cutting-edge industrial hub.

Design, Subdivision, and Permits

EIP's transformational plans for the Kelly Branch Tract encompass meticulous design, subdivision, and permitting efforts to bring forth two distinct parcels. Building 1, a robust 384,800 square feet warehouse with an impressive 300 trailer parking spots, is currently under development, set for completion in Q4 2024. Building 2, a 279,720 square feet warehouse, is in the permitting stage, reflecting EIP's dedication to comprehensive development planning.

Strong Tenant Partnership and Tailored Development

EIP's partnership with RoadOne IntermodaLogistics has played a pivotal role in the success of the Kelly Branch Tract project. Building on their existing tenant relationship in Randolph, MA, and Savannah, GA, EIP is developing Building 1 as a build-to-suit for RoadOne. The lease agreement spans 10 years and 6 months, showcasing EIP's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with tenant needs.

Investment in Excellence and Visionary Approach

EIP's investment of significant resources into the development and construction of the Kelly Branch Tract underscores their dedication to achieving excellence. The purchase price of the land at $15,802,050, equivalent to $3.82 per square foot, demonstrates EIP's strategic decision-making in acquiring valuable assets.


The case study of the Kelly Branch Tract in Summerville, SC, exemplifies Equity Industrial Partners' unwavering commitment to strategic real estate development and investment. The conversion of vacant land into two state-of-the-art industrial buildings highlights EIP's ability to create value through innovation and collaboration. EIP's strong tenant relationships, coupled with their dedication to meticulous planning and execution, solidify their position as a premier industrial real estate investment and development firm. The Kelly Branch Tract stands as a testament to EIP's vision, showcasing their capability to transform potential into reality, and contributes to their portfolio of exceptional industrial properties.

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