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In 2018, EIP began its partnership with NY-based Private Equity firm, Angelo Gordon, which led to five different recapitalization events comprised of twenty-two Industrial buildings totaling 7 million SF and over $442M in value with a current valuation of over $700M.


  • EIP- AG 9 – Comprised of (9) properties located in MA, VA, PA, NY, OH, NC

  • EIP- AG 6 – Comprised of (6) properties located in TX, FL, OH, IL, PA

  • EIP-AG 2 – Comprised of (2) properties located in NJ & NC

  • EIP- AG 4 – Comprised of (4) properties located in the Greater Boston MSA and NH.

  • EIP- AG 1 – Comprised of (1) property located in Tewksbury, MA


In 2019, EIP began its partnership with NY-based Private Equity firm, Raith Capital Partners, LLC, which led to four Industrial joint ventured acquisitions summarized below:

  • IDI El Paso Logistics Portfolio – Acquired in 2019 for $97M, this portfolio consisted of 20 buildings totaling 1.72 million square feet in El Paso, TX. EIP and Raith sold this portfolio in 2021 for $232M.

  • Hanson El Paso Portfolio – Approximately 20 acres of land bought by Raith and EIP in 2019. This land has been development into three (3) class-A distribution facilities that were fully leased by April of 2023. All (3) buildings are set to be fully complete by Q2 2023.

  • Strategic Supply Chain Portfolio – In 2021, Raith and EIP bought 32 buildings totaling 4.2 million square feet that was formerly owned by UBS/Becknell for $311 Million. This portfolio spans (11) states throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic & Southeast regions.

  • Ashland (Richmond), VA Development Site – A site consisting of approximately 190 acres. EIP-Raith developed a 1.1 million square foot speculative building and fully leased, in its entirety, to a privately-held distribution company prior to completion of construction. The site also includes future expansion land that can accommodate a total of 2.2 million square feet. EIP-Raith leased 100% of the building to a single tenant in Q4 2022.

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